Our Family

Sixth Generation American Ranchers

For over 100 years, the Hartleys have carefully selected the best cattle to be their breeding stock, continually improving the quality of their Angus beef. Through hard work and dedication, the Hartleys have helped make American Angus the best in the world.

The Hartley Family

With six generations of expertise behind us, you can be assured that Hartley Ranch will continue to provide the best Angus beef available. It is our legacy… and our commitment to the future.

An Angus Legacy

In 1873, a Scottish immigrant named George Grant introduced the first Angus cattle to the United States. Although the solid black, hornless Angus cattle looked unusual to most American ranchers, the quality of the beef was undeniable. Within a few short years, black herds began springing up all over the country. In 1883, the American Angus Association was founded in Chicago, Illinois.

One of the very first Black Angus herds in Texas was started by Andrew Myers. When Myers heard that Angus cattle had been introduced in the US, he traveled up to Kansas and brought some Angus cattle back to his North Texas ranch. Over the 100 years that followed, many breeds of cattle were introduced to the United States, but the family remained true to the Angus breed.

For six generations, Andrew Myers’ family has raised Angus cattle on their ranch, known today as the Hartley Ranch. The Hartleys' are now one of the top breeders of registered Angus cattle in the United States. Hartley Ranch is owned and operated by Justin Hartley, Andrew Myers’ great, great, great grandson.

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